P90X: Day 30 – Plyometrics

31 07 2009

I did half of this Plyometrics workout outside since my house is so bouncy. It is kind of annoying to go inside and out, back and forth, but I think it helped to give my house a break. I am limited in my intensity sometimes when it comes to the workouts, but this might be a good alternative. It is so hot and humid out though that it makes the exercises harder. Going back into the air conditioning was definitely nice. I bet my neighbors thought I looked crazy doing all these jumps and things. Whatever anyone thinks I don’t care since I know in a few months I will be looking fierce!

Air hoops! There are a few sport-specific drills we do at the end Bonus Round. I think they are kind of fun. I just visualize the net and….swoosh!

There’s Willow giving me extra height! I think this exercise is really good for endurance and coordination. My leg could be straighter.

The Airborne Heisman

Totally wiped!! Notice the sweat in most of these pictures – gross but awesome!


P90X: Day 29 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps + Ab Ripper X

30 07 2009

I was still sore from Yoga X for some reason when I started the Chest, Shoulders & Triceps workout. This was the first time I did this dvd. It was challenging but fun. I think I liked that we didn’t do repeats of exercises. Using the plate for the push-ups was interesting. My floor doesn’t slide the best but I can still do the maneuver!

Today I did the 1st three exercises of the Ab RIpper X without having to stop. I mean I paused, but powered through. I felt my core getting stronger. I still can’t do the whole dvd without pausing but I feel I am 50% there.

This is the Lying Triceps Extension – I think it feels really good on your triceps but you can get fatigued easily. I just use 10 lbs.

This is the Scarecrow. You hold your arms like this and rotate at the elbows up and down. This one is hard so I use 5 lb. weights.

Pike Press! You can do this with or without the push-up bars. Either way it is tough – in a good way!

Bring it!

P90X: Day 28 – X Stretch (1 Month Down!)

29 07 2009

So today is a glorious day! I completed 1 full month of P90X!! I have been slacking in keeping up with all my posts, but I am finishing them all up and posting them today. I’m going to take pictures/measurements in a few days when I have time. I am still the same size clothes but I feel tighter and more muscular. I sometimes feel frustrated that I am not seeing the “after” yet but I have to be patient. I keep telling myself that I need to follow the P90X Meal Plan. I think that will make a big difference. If I complete the program and aren’t where I want to be I will probably rest a bit and do mainly cardio. For now, doing the X feels great!

These are some of the things I use for working out, minus the pull-up bar. There’s even the box the dvds came in! Pixie is in the background – see if you can spot her!

P90X: Day 27 – Yoga X

28 07 2009

I actually felt like I was getting off too easy this week! I really like that there is a break week for your body to recover, but I guess I have gotten used to the routine. Today was Yoga X. I didn’t feel all that great today for some reason. My body had little energy…pooped. I need to start keeping a food diary. I have used that as a tool in the past and found that it helps. I know that you can also use online calorie/meal/fitness trackers like SparkPeople and FitDay. There are tons more but those are ones I am personally familiar with and would recommend.

I have never been to a formal yoga class so I am not sure if this is the same for everyone, but the Downward Dog pose really kicks my ass! I am always unable to do the complete set of them during the dvd. I keep telling myself, “Oh that’s because this is extreme yoga.” but really I think I’d be just as sore in a public yoga class. My arms and wrists are what hurt the most. I have tried to do as Tony says and put the weight on my thumb and index finger but it doesn’t wok. Hmph! I just do my best and try to be strong. I think I need to go to a class and see if I am doing it right though…

Here you can see me doing Prayer Twists. You can see from my elbow position that one side of my body is more flexible than the other. I struggle with this move but I like being able to get progressively better each time I do the dvd.

P90X: Day 26 – Core Synergistics (Again)

27 07 2009

I just did Core Synergistics 2 days ago but it is on the schedule to do it again. That’s fine with me! It didn’t seem much easier, but this time I knew to use the 5 lb. weights and not the 10 lb. weights. There are a lot of reps here so the weight starts to add up quickly! For some reason my hips don’t get very high when I do the Side Hip Raise. For some reason I think it is my flexibility. I am considering doing the X Stretch extra times during the week to try and work at it. It’s hard though since it is about an hour long…

Here I am doing the Steam Engine. I struggle with keeping my shoulders level and bringing my knees up to them like Pam the Blam does in the video. My tendency is to bend forward and lose form. I try to look in a mirror if possible.

P90X: Day 25 – X Stretch (Substitution)

26 07 2009

Well I didn’t have time to fit X Stretch in but I was able to substitute the workout/stretch with at least 2 hours of swimming and playing with Amy’s/my niece and nephew and a bunch of other kids (young and old alike). I think if I had a pool I would be super fit. Having to tread water in the deep end and hold up kids who are ages 6 – 8 is not an easy task! However, I honestly think that if I hadn’t done the P90X I wouldn’t have had the stamina to keep up with them. I was able to hold my breath and swim under water with my niece sitting up and riding my back like she was at Sea World. That was fun for her!

There were some other pictures taken of us all in the pool but I haven’t gotten those yet. I only had a few pics.

Here’s me & Amy grinning at the pool! I was probably thinking how sad I was to be outside in the fresh air instead of doing X Stretch! Oops, did I say that?

Sam trying to get me to come follow him. He so wanted to jump off the diving board!

Abby the Brave!

I did show Amy’s Mom some stretch moves that I learned from the P90X series as she was tight and had a stiff neck. I think that counts!

P90X: Day 24 – Kenpo X

25 07 2009

For most of the workout I tried to keep my intensity, just allowing the word to permeate my thoughts. I tried not to think about anything else mundane like laundry or other what not I had to do after the workout. As a result, my heart rate was above my desired zone for most of the workout. That’s better than below it! I burned about 550 calories according to my heart rate monitor!

I decided to try and do some of the in-between stuff to keep your heart rate up but give you a slight break out on my porch. You jog in place, do jumping jacks and finish up with “X-jumps.” Since my house shakes ridiculously badly even when you walk with intent I am always nervous that something will break or collapse with P90X. A few things have fallen but I mean the shelves, TV, basically everything sways pretty hard even at 80% intensity. Being able to do it outside was also kind of nice as I got fresh air. I just listened to the dvd and did what he said through the screen door.

I did this workout really early in the morning. As a result, Pixie was still asleep! She’s so cute that if she had more protein on her bones I’d eat her!

Just doing part of the hamstring cool down…