It’s just me, Heather!

I have been trying to better the world around me as much as I can, including bettering myself. In this blog I am going to attempt to document my journey or at least write about things that I think are worthwhile. Maybe it will inspire others to get their hands dirty, have more fun and spread the love.

My true wish for everyone is to be happy, be good to themselves & each other and to try to retain that childlike curiosity that makes life simple & pleasurable. I’m big on collaboration and shared information – working together while maintaining your uniqueness.

p.s. I work as a designer and you can find my portfolio here: member.jamuse.com/sillyputter

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17 07 2009
joanne walker

hi heather, hope your still hard at the p90x !!! i’m working hard done the legs and back plus ab ripper x today. do you struggle with the ab ripper? i’m really finding that one tough. i can’t do all the moves !!! my stomach just can’t go there. i love the yoga i think it’s my favourite so far even though it’s 90 minutes.
are you noticing any changes even at this early stage. i’m feeling surprisingly great !!! and although my body has been sore at times i’m still really motivated.

i noticed you’re a designer , i’m an art student doing painting and printmaking.
love your missy elliott piece !! i use photoshop for alot of my stuff as i use photography alot in my prints. i’m off for the summer back at it in september , i have 3 years to do , sounds really long but i’m sure it will fly.

anyway keep up the good work and good luck
all the way from ireland


17 07 2009

Hey Joanne!
Great to hear from you again! I agree the yoga x is my favorite of the workouts. The time commitment for ALL the discs is demanding, but well worth it! The Ab Ripper X (which I did yesterday) kills me! I really struggle through it and cannot complete all the exercises. I figured that by the time I am done with P90X I will have mastered it! But for now, I ache! I found that the first week of P90X I was very sleepy and tired. This second week I feel less sore and more energized. Now that I start my 3rd week I am very sore again, but still have energy. Was playing with niece & nephew last night and they used me like a jungle gym – but I felt stronger than usual in lifting two kids at once. The most that I noticed for my body is my legs feel harder and my arms are just starting to look slightly leaner. I am anxious to see the “after” like in the commercials, but I am trying to be patient. The biggest thing I want to see disappear is my gut!

That’s awesome you are a designer too! If you have a link to your work or you want to send me some that would be great to see. I love to see other people’s work. If you need any help, just let me know and I can try to assist! 3 years will definitely fly by in school. Just keep in mind that like the P90X, you are in school learning, developing your skills as an investment for the rest of your life. I hope to be a student of life forever! Keep in touch!

would love to visit Ireland,

3 08 2009
joanne walker

hi heather,
hope you are well ? i’ve just finished week 4 and i’m feeling great. although sometimes it’s hard to fit in the time for the dvd’s. i have to say ab ripper is not getting any easier !! i’m trying to increase my weights , but i’m a bit nervous about building bulk. love your photos it’s great to see the moves being done by someone else.
can you do superman / banana ? i find superman easier than banana. the other one that i can’t do is the jailhouse press up thingy !! i just can’t do it what about you is there one’s that you are struggling with ?
hope your still at it . BRING IT !! ha ha
joanne x

7 08 2009

Hey Joanne! I’m not sure if you are coming back to read my replies to your posts, so maybe I will email you! I have been so busy that I have lagged on my posts! I wrote most of them but am still editing the photos. I posted several “new” ones last night and I will continue today in order to catch up. I think if you are concerned about building bulk then do more reps (10-12 if you feel the burn on the final 3 reps) or do even more reps with a lighter weight. This will allow you to be lean but defined. The Superman/Banana is hard for me as I don’t have enough room in my house for it, but I just try my best! That jailhouse push-up sequence is also hard for me but I like the Pike Presses for some reason, maybe because they are different. Pull-ups are hard for me as I do them assisted on a stool. Keep up the hard work and congratulations for completing the 1st month! p.s. hope design school is treating you well! ttfn, Heather

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